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Thursday, September 17, 2015

11 new features in IOS 9

1. Low Power Mode

A huge and much-needed addition to the iOS universe, was a way to save battery life on devices running low on juice. Previously, iOS 8 added the option to view how much a particular application was consuming battery. But now, when you go to Settings -> Usage -> Battery, you’ll not only see battery consumption metrics, but also Low Power Mode, which temporarily disables features, giving you up to three hours of extra battery life.

2. Back to App

In an effort to improve app switching and multitasking, iOS 9 provides a super convenient way to move between multiple applications. For example, opening a link sent via Messages will take you to the URL, but instead of double-tapping to bring up the app-switcher, there will be an option to go Back to Messages in the top left corner.

3. iCloud Drive App

Simply put, iCloud Drive is a well-integrated, cloud-based file manager. Previously the only way to access iCloud drive was through third-party applications. Presently, iCloud Drive welcomes its very own application in iOS 9 that can be accessed at any time to view, download, or share stored files.

4. Group Notifications

“Organization is key to a successful life.” I may have just made that quote up, but there is definitely some truth to that. Instead of viewing all your notifications in a purely sequential list, you can now group notifications by app by going to Settings -> Notifications and enabled Group by App. So, instead of searching for your most recent CNN updates within a giant unorganized list, your notifications will be grouped according to the app it relates to.

5. Use Flash With Videos

    When shooting videos now  you can use the flash for better low light shooting.

6.Enable or disable Upper and Lower case keys 

iOS 9 - Settings - Lowercase keys
The iOS 9 keyboard makes it much easier to determine whether the characters are uppercase or lowercase. The keyboard now displays upper case letters on the keys when the Shift key is enabled and lower case when disabled.

7. Hide Photos

Stop those pesky in-laws from seeing all of your photos when they borrow your phone. iOS 9 makes it easy to hide certain photos from unwanted viewers. Simply select the photos you wish to hide, tap the Share icon, and select Hide from the Share sheet.

8. 6-digit Passcode

To beef up your iDevice’s security, iOS 9 defaults to a 6-digit passcode. Improving from the previous 4-digit passcode, the new six-digit passcode increases the amount of combinations from 10,000 to 1 million.

9. Quick Reply in your favorite Messaging apps

You will be able to use Quick Reply in your favorite Messaging apps like WhatsApp.
 The Quick Reply feature can be paired with other actions as well.
So you will be able to swipe down on a notification from your favorite Messaging 
app and respond to it just like you could in the Messages app

10. Search Bar in Settings

Don’t spend any more time scrolling up and down Settings to find the option you are looking for. iOS 9 has built a search function directly into the Settings app, making it much quicker to find exactly what you’re looking for.

11.Shake to undo

Shake to Undo is a feature that used to be enabled no matter the user preference. Shaking your iPhone on accident or on purpose would bring up the option to undo recent text inputs. In iOS 9 users have the option disable Shake to Undo. In Settings -> General -> Accessibility find Shake to Undo and slide to toggle OFF.

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