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Monday, September 14, 2015

This is how much it takes to manufactue an Iphone 6s

According to the analysis, Apple will pay about $234 for its parts used in the new IPhones. So what are the parts that cost you the most? Let’s tell you about them one by one.

$127 for semiconductor pieces
$36 for the various cellular radios
$20 for 64GB flash memory
$25 for the new A9 processor
$22 for sensors like NFC, fingerprint etc
$73 for screen, camera, and battery 
$33 for the case of phone

It should be noted that an unlocked 64GB iPhone 6s has an initial retail price of $749. It doesn’t mean that Apple is saving about $500 on each iPhone as there are manufacturing, distribution as well as promotional costs as well.

Apple typically pays the Foxconn Technology about $8 to $11 for assembly and testing. Adding these, we could roughly arrive at a price of $250, which is $20 more than the cost of iPhone 6.

No wonder how much do Apple earn on a single I phone sold...

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